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Club Vendors

Full selection of woods, irons, putters, and wedges with shaft offerings for golfers of any age and skill level.

We will always have the newest and latest equipment from each vendor.

Our Process

Custom fitting is an imperative step in the process of lowering scores and gaining enjoyment out of your golf game. The process of custom fitting involves taking a deeper look into why your current golf equipment isn't performing, and why newer equipment or a simple tweak to your equipment, can provide massive benefits. Schedule a fitting with us today and find out what you're missing!

Club Fittings

Woods or Iron Fitting (60 minutes). $100 fitting fee however is reduced to $50 with a purchase of at least $750 or completely waived with a purchase of $1500 or more.

Wedge or Putter Fitting (60 minutes). $50 fitting fee however is reduced to $25 with purchase of any club(s).

Full Bag Fitting (120 minutes). $200 fitting fee however is completely waived with a purchase of $1500 or more.

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SAM PuttLab

Our SAM PuttLab is the most accurate putting analysis and training system. Enhanced data that reads all the details of your putting stroke including path, launch, impact position, loft, face rotation and more. This data is compiled to build the perfect putter for you!


Golf Pride, WINN, Lamkin, Superstroke and more.

Customer grip ordering available.

Grip pricing ranges from $7.99 - $14.99.

$4 installation fee per club.


Loft and lie is a critical spec that weighs into how the club is performing. A loft and lie evaluation should be a yearly inspection for all golfers.

A lie check is used to ensure that your club head from heel to toe is striking the ground evenly, giving you the best chance to hit consistent and accurate shots every time!

A loft check has a major influence on the trajectory of the golf ball and distance dispersion between clubs.

Loft and lie adjustment is $4.00 per club.


Look no further for a place to drop off your old clubs! Our Master Fitter will assess the brand and current condition of your clubs to offer a competitive market price. We buy all the major golf vendors and do not have a limit on the number of clubs that can be traded in.

Use the trade in value from your old clubs against a purchase of new clubs or receive a check.

Based on age and condition of your clubs, we reserve the right to refuse trade ins

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