Teaching Philosophy

Julian Ramirez

My goal is to create a relationship and a bond with my students, and my purpose is to give them a coach they can rely on and trust.

By focusing on a process that can be adapted to all facets of life, not only can we improve a golf game, but we can grow as people.

I believe that through instruction golfers need to maintain their identity. I plan to instill a strong foundation, a free mind, and an understanding of cause and effect. At OPG we teach players how to play their best golf, and we aim to prepare our young athletes to reach their optimal performance.

Steve Fessler

"I have been lucky enough to work with players of all levels, top local professionals as well as numerous Division 1 and excellent High School Players. My true enjoyment comes from the opportunity to work with Women, Men, Seniors, and Juniors of all levels. The goal is to help golfers enjoy their experience every day they come to the golf course. My teaching philosophy is simple, I want each golfer to find the swing that allows them the most good shots, minimize misses and get full enjoyment out of the game."

Having the opportunity to expand our teaching with Optimal Performance Golf is a dream of mine for years. Julian Ramirez and I have been together for over 10 years now and our teaching styles are similar and we learn from each other every day. Teaming with owner Paul Sarratori allows us to join a great community while offering an experience unlike any others in MN. Steve may be reached directly at fess18@pga.com.



Taylor Ramirez

I believe it is important to understand your golf swing and the process to make changes. I like to make plans very clear and take small steps each lesson to help the player reach their goals.

Each person swings the golf club differently, so I believe it is important to understand how the player learns and how their body is able to move.

Trust and dedication are two important elements that play a big role in the player and swing coach relationship, it is my objective to earn and establish that with the player.

Kyle Thul

The game of golf can be very complex, my ultimate goal is to make the game as simple as possible for everyone. I enjoy using what the player does well and working with the student to assess and improve the players weaknesses making them into strengths.

Communication and trust is key, I believe in forging strong relationships with my students to allow for a fun and productive learning environment. Being able to adapt and learn during each lesson is key for achieving our end goals. I am always trying to expand my own knowledge, by learning from other local and top instructors across the country. By expanding my own knowledge, I get to share my learning experiences and increase my ability to help my students improve.

Teaching Philosophy